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> Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences

Article published in the Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences, on the flow cytometric explanation of the bacteriostatic mode of action (Escherichia coli) of a complex nucleus of essential oils, in comparison with an antibiotic.
This publication is the result of work carried out by our R&D department, in collaboration with the VetAgro Sup school.

> International Journal of Environmental Pollution and Remediation (IJEPR)

Article published in the International Journal of Environmental Pollution and Remediation (IJEPR), on the analysis of pesticide residues of plants used in feed additives by comparing wild versus cultivated plants.
This article is the result of a joint study between Phytosynthese's Technical, Sourcing and Analytical Laboratory departments in the context of the prevention scheme for "undesirable substances".
Through this study, our control of contamination risks by undesirable substances is strengthened for the increased safety of our products.

> Reviews in Aquaculture

Article published in Reviews in Aquaculture, on the meta-analysis of the use of curcumin and turmeric on growth performance in fish, notwithstanding its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Produced in collaboration with teachers from the ONIRIS veterinary school at the University of Nates, this reviex contributes to highlighting one of the flagship ingredients of our profession for aquaculture.

The references of these articles are available upon request !

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