Phytosynthese was present at the JRA 2017

Phytosynthese has presented a study at the Poultry Research Days in Tours (France), on 5 and 6 April 2017: "Study of the growth inhibition capacity to of E. Coli, exposed to an essential oils blend, and then the recovery capacity of E. Coli, in comparison with colistin antibiotic".

The JRA are among the most important congress of francophone poultry research. An inventory of French research on food, health and genetics was presented. The intestinal microbiota is at the heart of current studies. Especially, the new metagenomic tools allow us to better understand its influence on the birds immunity, or the food efficiency.

The aim of the study, presented in the form of a poster, was to compare the growth behavior of E.coli populations in the presence of different concentrations (MIC and sub-MIC) of plant extracts or antibiotics, as well as their ability to re-grow (or recovery) after exposure to these antibacterials.

This in-vitro study completes our knowledge of the modes of action of plant extracts on bacteria.

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