New product multi-species

Earlier this year, we launched PHYTO AX' CELL, a new product for managing inflammatory reactions in animals.

This unique blend combines green propolis, known to regulate immune responses, and a blend of specifically selected and titrated plants for their immunomodulatory activity and their ability to limit the inflammatory and pro-oxidative process.

The Green Propolis we use is from our Brazilian sister company Apis Flora. This is a resinous substance collected by honey bees and used as a sealant to protect the hive against pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viruses). The ingredient supplied by Apis Flora is standardized in artepilline and benefits from 33 scientific publications.

PHYTO AX' CELL has been tested successfully on dairy cows (25 g/cow/day):

- at calving, enabling a better start of lactation and faster postpartum recovery (less metritis/mastitis troubles and reduced antibiotic use);

- in heat stress situations, promoting milk production

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