Distributors seminar 2019

A meeting in Metz, France, between Phytosynthese and its distributors took place this year, in February 2019

In the last week of February, we had the chance to welcome our network members for a seminar in Metz, hometown of the Lehning group. A special focus was made on the specificities of our R & D and our supply chain. The mastery of these two processes allows Phytosynthese to offer you natural solutions, thanks to the sourcing of controlled and innovative plant ingredients, based on the activity and synergy of active plant ingredients. However we have seen that many factors from cultivation to process may influence the quality and the security of such ingredients. Thanks to our 20 years of experience and our quality control laboratory, we can provide, safe and effective guaranteed content products with repeatable and sustainable effects from one farm to another and without long-term resistance.

Through active participation and testimoner, we were able to discuss: poultry gut microflora management in USA, a new customer trial with Pulmo CX 
in Spain, the development of Rumi’NFE in Switzerland and Phyto CSC in Italy, and the uses of EMX 
in gel or liquid forms in France.

All these experiences demonstrated once again that developing natural solutions for animal health and nutrition is long-term work.

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