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World-renowned plant expertise for animal nutrition

The active substances from certain plants are very powerful. When blended, their synergies provide favorable overall benefits for the animals' organism.


Having unique expertise on animal health as well as plant extracts, and by designing product blends from over 75 different plant species, Phytosynthese plays a leading role in the animal feed business by providing "phytogenic" solutions for all sectors.


The active substances of the plants are powerful and the synergy of the molecules promotes a global action on the animal organism.


Because of the high diversity and variety of active molecules, Phytosynthese offers effective, natural solutions to all players in the animal feed sector.


The strength of our scientific and technical experts has been guaranteed since 1996.

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Presence at the ADSA 2017

Phytosynthese presented a study at the ADSA of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) from June 25 to 28, 2017, entitled "Effect of top dressing plant extract in early lactating Holstein cow: milk yield, milk composition, plasma lipomobilization indicators and body condition score."

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Phytosynthese was present at the JRA 2017

Phytosynthese has presented a study at the Poultry Research Days in Tours (France), on 5 and 6 April 2017: "Study of the growth inhibition capacity to of E. Coli, exposed to an essential oils blend, and then the recovery capacity of E. Coli, in comparison with colistin antibiotic".

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