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The excellence
of our sourcing

We give a major importance to our sourcing and to our supply in plants, but also to our technology, our 100% French manufacturing and in our CSR approach. Used in finished products of Phytosynthese, their actives are analyzed by our internal laboratory. We supply ourselves from plants ensuring standards defined in active ingredients. This work allows us an optimal referencing and traceability of our raw materials before being implemented in the manufacturing process. We then demand the best raw materials from our suppliers: we audit them to answer our selection criteria.

In order to gain better control the quality of our supplies and to secure the sourcing of the most sensitive materials, a plant production subsidiary was created in 2009 in Sri Lanka. It is managed in a sustainable and societal manner, guaranteeing a substantial income to the various producers.

We also participate in the sustainable development, through our respect for the fair trade and the quota of forests for our pickings.

Production in Sri Lanka - Curcuminoid analysis of turmeric
  • Internal Quality Control Limit set in line with R&D formulation principles
  • Curcuma from the North-East of Sri Lanka
  • Curcuma from the North-West of Sri Lanka


We use encapsulation technology to preserve our essential oils:
it is the technology ICaps.

This process reduces the evaporation of our essential oils, even at high temperature, during granulating animal feed (for example).


We strongly believe in CSR and continuous improvement initiatives. In this context, we use a new smells and dust treatment system in our production site.
We also optimize the ergonomics of our production site, to improve the working conditions of the agents, via an automation process.


Our products are manufactured on our site of Mozac in France. In addition, we aim to continually improve our tool of production in order to be able to manufacture our products, in the shortest possible time. That is why we continually invest in our production tool , in order to make it more effective from year to year.


We are committed to offer you the best products for the problems that you encounter in livestock. Thus, our laboratory of analysis examines the raw materials used, in order to guarantee their standard levels in actives. Our historic know-how and our state-of-the-art equipment allow us to select the best ingredients, with the galenics the best suited to your needs.

Quality certification:
We are certified FamiQS and ISO 9001 and we support our international regulatory environment by being an active member of FEFANA (European Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures).