Who are we?

Phytosynthese is an innovative French industrial company that offers natural solutions based on materials from the plant world and sourced from around the globe.
We guarantee the active substance content of our products: this is the concept of Phytogenics.

Our strategy is based on four pillars: innovation, sourcing, standardized quality and the tailoring of our products to your needs.

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  • Our vision

    With a very precise knowledge in the field of plants, we design our products with a diverse selection of recognized and effective molecules. Concerned about the current issues in animal husbandry, we have decided to focus on natural products. Convinced that plants and their synergies can provide a sustainable solution in the animal nutrition sector, we support breeders in their desire to reduce the use of antibiotics, improve animal welfare, reduce environmental impact and finally, improve the food quality of end products.
  • Our mission

    We focus on the interactions between the active molecules, present in plants, to answer the physiological problems of the animals. Our knowledge in phytotherapy allows us to select the most adapted molecules, in order to offer you innovative solutions. Our products, standardized in active ingredients (concept of titrated phytogenics), are suited to many actors in the animal world: pre-mixers, feed mills, farmers and veterinary practices. Our choice to focus on natural products requires experience in sourcing different raw materials, both in quantity and quality, but also over the seasons and years. Performed on an international scale, our sourcing is a real strength and allows us to work with many actors in the plant world. We are highly invested in the selection of our raw materials. Our suppliers are audited and our products are traced. We also have our own subsidiary in Sri Lanka, which gives us the advantage of having our own raw materials (e.g. turmeric). Through our strategy of innovation and adaptability, we are committed to ensuring animal comfort, contributing to the preservation of the environment and offering quality end products.
  • Our expertise

    Thanks to our 25 years of scientific and technical experience, we develop our product range to meet the needs of our customers, partners and distributors. We propose a complete offer, available on vegetal and mineral supports. The offer is available in different galenic forms: powder for feed, liquid, or soluble powder for distribution in drinking water. We guarantee solutions are standardized in active ingredients, with proven effectiveness, to thus guarantee their use in livestock production. We are committed to meeting the expectations of the animal nutrition industry. This is why we have chosen to privilege the concept of tailor-made. Our products are custom-made, for each specific need you may have, and with long term support. These are all choices that allow us, today, to have an international influence.

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