Excellence in sourcing

We attach great importance to our sourcing, our supply of plants, but also to our technology, to ensure 100% French manufacturing.

Our choice to focus on natural products requires real know-how to source the various raw materials, in quantity and quality, over the seasons and years.
As an expert in plants, we select plants that match defined standards of sought-after molecules.

We demand the best of our suppliers' raw materials: we audit them regularly to meet our selection criteria.

In order to guarantee the best possible quality, we work closely with producers and groups of plant producers.


Favoring natural ingredients also means that we are committed to guaranteeing the stability and active content of our standardized products, by offering you quality natural solutions.

At the forefront of technology and innovation, we use an encapsulation method to preserve our essential oils: I-Caps technology.
Our I-Caps range is formulated with active ingredients that act in synergy with other original plant ingredients.

This specific technological process allows to :

  • Protect the essential oils by reducing their evaporation, even at high temperatures, and in particular during the granulation of animal feed;
  • Improve the palatability of the ingredients, so they are ingested more easily by livestock;
  • Reduce odors.

100 % FRENCH MANUfacturing

Our products are manufactured in the heart of the Auvergne, at our site in Mozac, near Clermont-Ferrand.

In order to effectively meet demand and to manufacture our products in the shortest possible time, we aim to improve our production site in the long term. Our investments enable us to optimize the use of our production facilities from one year to the next.

We remain at your disposal

For any remarks or information on a product, contact our experts directly!

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