Thanks to its unique expertise stemming from the knowledge of plant extracts and the animal, Phytosynthese occupies a preponderant place in the animal feed sector, by designing products from about 75 plant varieties and providing phytogenic to all players of the sector.

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The active substances of the plants are powerful and the synergy of the molecules promotes a global action on the animal organism.


Thanks to the high diversity and the variety of active molecules, Phytosynthese offers natural and effective solutions to the players of animal production. These are additives based on plant extracts and essential oils, from which we guarantee the content of active substances: it is the concept of phytogenics.

Our strategy is based on three pillars: innovation, sourcing and adaptating our products to your needs.


Since 1996, the strength of our teams guarantees our scientific and technical expertise: from research and development to field monitoring, our priorities are targeted to satisfy our customers, thanks to a complete offer and long-term support. Our experience consolidates us in the benefits of each plant, of their actives and their associations.

Our sensory additives are declined on vegetal and mineral support.
In the form of powder for the food, this allows their standardization and their correct use.
The liquid galenics or soluble powders allow the distributions in drinking water.

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Who is the Lehning Group?

In 2012, Phytosynthese joined the Lehning Group, which has for vocation to be a global player in natural health in animals, through animal nutrition and in humans. The group, chaired by Stéphane Lehning since 2005, the grandson of the founder René Lehning, is born from the recognized know-how of Lehning Laboratories in the manufacturing of phytotherapy, homeopathy and phytocosmetics products since 1935.

The Lehning Group cultivates an ethics in the natural health, ensuring the best quality of its raw materials and developing high-technology products for its customers, while respecting the biocenosis of the raw materials used for its products It is a independent French family group with 310 employees in all production and distribution units throughout the world (France, Spain, Sri Lanka and Brazil).

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