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The excellence
of our sourcing

Our advanced technology, our sourcing of high quality plants, and our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), are of utmost importance. Our products require that the active traits of our raw materials reach or exceed the quality reference points determined by our laboratory. By using these reference points for the plant compound profiles, we guarantee quality and traceability for all ingredients. To ensure this, we perform regular audits and lab tests.

In order to manage the quality control of our supplies, and to secure the sources for some of our key ingredients, a production facility was created in Sri Lanka in 2009. This facility is managed in an environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial manner for the various local producers.

We also participate in the sustainable development, through our respect for the fair trade and the quota of forests for our pickings.

Production in Sri Lanka - Curcuminoid analysis of turmeric
  • Internal Quality Control Limit set in line with R&D formulation principles
  • Curcuma from the North-East of Sri Lanka
  • Curcuma from the North-West of Sri Lanka


We use encapsulation technology to preserve our essential oils:
it is called ICaps technology.

When products are exposed to high temperatures during feed production, such as pelleting, ICaps technology minimizes essential oil evaporation.


We strongly believe in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and continuous improvement initiatives.
Our production facility has a new dust and odour treatment system, and most processes have been automated or are ergonomically designed for employee safety.


All of our products are made at our production facility in Mozac, France. We are continually investing in upgrades to our equipment to optimize efficiency and reduce production time.


We are committed to offering you the best products for your livestock and poultry health. Our laboratory analyses the raw materials to guarantee a standard content in active molecules. Our experience and our state-of-the-art equipment allow us to select the best ingredients with optimal galenics to fit your needs.

Quality certification:
We are certified FamiQS and ISO 9001 and we support our international regulatory environment by being an active member of FEFANA (European Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures).