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At Phytosynthese, innovation is important in order to improve the knowledge in the field of animal welfare. All the publications you will find below have been approved and published in journals, posters, congresses, or symposiums.

All this research is the result of collaborative work with our teams and partners. This also allows us to offer you services adapted to your needs.



International Poultry Scientific Forum (USA)

Benefits of plant bioactives on broiler performances with or without a digestive challenge

Chabrillat T., Kerros S.
#Broilers #Essentialoils #Feedchallenge #FCR
Journées de la recherche porcine (France)

Impact de l’utilisation d’oxyde de zinc ou d’extraits de plantes dans l’aliment sur les performances zootechniques et le tractus digestif de porcelets sevrés challengés

Therond C., Castillejos L., Montoya D., Chabrillat T., Kerros S., Martin-Orue SM.
#Huilesessentielles #Ecoli #OxydedeZinc #Porcelets #Microbiote
International Poultry Scientific Forum (USA)

Comparison of 3 phytogenic supplementations on broiler chickens raised under overheated conditions

Chabrillat T., Ly M., Boroch C., Kerros S.
#Bioactivestrategies #Heatstress #FCR
6th Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health (Italy)

In vitro evaluation of Brazilian propolis for poultry gut health promotion: selective antibacterial activity (C. perfringens vs Lactobacillus spp.) and immunomodulatory properties

Nascimento AP, Buszinski AFM., Teixeira, TV., Bastos RW., Hori JI., Berretta AA. Kerros S.
#Clostridiumperfringens #Macrophage #Cytokines #Greenpropolis #Cinnamaldehyde
International symposium on ruminant physiology, Leipzig (Germany)

Effect of Phyto Ax’Cell plant based additive on the metabolic status of peri-partum dairy cows

Chabrillat T., Kumprechtová D., Illek J., Kadek R., Kerros S.
#Inflammation #Peripartum #Dairycows
37th ADSA DISCOVER Conference on Food Animal Agriculture: Natural Bioac tives in Dairy Production: Science, Functions and the Future (USA)

Effect of a plant based supplementation on the inflammation and immune response at peri-partum

Chabrillat T., Medhi Y., Kerros S.
#Inflammation #Immunity #Peripartum #Dairycows
26th International Conference on Bioencapsulation (France)

Micro-encapsulation optimization of Eucalyptus essential oil (fluidized bed)

Baptista N., Girard C., Kerros S., Buszinski A. , Barud H.,Berretta H.
#Essentialoils #Microencapsulation #Stability
International poultry scientific forum (USA)

In-vitro and in-vivo comparison of the effect of several plant extracts against two protozoa genus, respectively Trypanosoma and Eimeria

Kerros S., Pomel S., Loiseau PM., Deuve Riou I., Chabrillat T.
#Phytoactives #Antiprotozoalactivity #Eimeria

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